The Shum Show

During two of the years I worked at Climate Central, I wrote, produced, edited, (and absolutely loved making) a YouTube series, called the Shum Show. Between September 2015 and July 2017, the Shum Show was published (almost) every Friday. The purpose of the show was to give a brief overview of the national and international weather over the course of the week and to explain the connections between Earth’s changing climate system and what we experience in our daily weather.

Another reason for the show was to find a way to invite viewers who previously may have thought of climate change as a daunting topic to engage with it in a fun and positive way – to view it as a topic of interest. The impacts of climate change are serious and imminent, but often those qualities can deter us, instead of focusing our attention.

This show was an opportunity for me to put a new face on climate change by showcasing the fascinating aspects of our climate system, explaining the ways we know what we know about it, and celebrating the strategies we can employ that will mitigate the impacts.

Below are a few selected episodes. To view more, check out this playlist on YouTube.

  • The Shum Show: Dog Days
  • The Shum Show: Battery Up!
  • The Shum Show: On Location in the Southern Ocean
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